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A Law of Attraction Love Story

I'm far from having the perfect life but I am learning every day and improving every day. I have cracked one part of my life though! And that's relationships, I met the most wonderful woman I could ever meet and we are going to get married. I am very happy. Now! Yes that is a big Now! And I'll tell you why it's a big Now!

I met Anna 7 years ago and although in the back of my mind I knew she was the perfect woman for me, it took me nearly losing her for good to realise it. Unknowingly I had been playing out the same learned behaviour for over 20 years if not even longer, that learned behaviour was "if I get too close to someone, I will get hurt", I was in fact scared to death of commitment! Our thoughts where never very far from one another, even though I kept telling myself, Anna wasn't the girl for me, I still loved her, I couldn't be with her but she was always in my thoughts, and I in hers.

Our attention was so powerfully focused on each other we were always going to be in one and others lives whatever happened between us. That is what happened to us and would still be happening if I didn't devote my life to constant change and improvement. You see I broke up with Anna so many times in 7 years I should have lost her years and years ago, I should be lonely and sad right now. But I'm not. The law of attraction kept Anna and I in each other's lives, through our love for each other we were always connected still are and always will be.

I am fortunate enough to have a fantastic life coach who made me realise the error of my ways, we were working on my limiting beliefs and low and behold commitment was a big one for me. Through a few simple processes with my life coach, I realised my unconscious mind had been protecting me from being hurt and stopped me from committing to Anna because I had been in a negative relationship over 20 years ago.

My life coach was able to change my thinking, teach my unconscious mind it was OK to trust someone I loved, and save my relationship, allowed me to truly have the relationship Anna and I deserve. The only reason the law of attraction isn't working for you in your life right now is that you aren't allowing it to. Your unconscious mind has learnt to protect you throughout your life but it doesn't realise that some of what it has instilled in you is holding you back, its sabotaging the very changes you are trying to make to fulfil your life's purpose and be happy.

Please don't make the mistake I did and let your limiting beliefs sabotage your life for so long, your unconscious mind only wants to protect you, but must be retrained to allow you to reach out and grab that live you know you can have.