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Can You Rely on Sheer Determination to Help You Lose Weight?

Dieting can be physically draining for people struggling to watch their diet to lose some inches off their waist. Can willpower and determination see you through temptations that are being shoved at your face?

Yesterday was a test of how committed I was to watch what I eat in order not to derail my weight loss plans. The usual lethargic crept in after lunch in the office and just as I was fighting hard to stay awake at my workstation, my hand automatically reached for the mouse when the corner of my eye detected the " You've got mail" message from my inbox.

It was an announcement from the HR that one of our colleagues just celebrated her newborn's one month birthday! She had bought a lot of food and got the delivery service to send them to the office. I could hear the commotion at the pantry soon after the email was sent.

I had to get my coffee fix (this time, a 3-in-1 low fat coffee mix and not my kopi C Kosong) and thought I would like to check out the snacks in the pantry as well. There were already around 3-4 colleagues feasting on the snacks and what greeted me was quite a spread.

Some background information on the snacks here as some of the readers may not be familiar with Singapore food, these are nonya style snacks. Nonya, also known as Peranakan or Straits Chinese is a cross between Chinese and Malays. Nonya cooking is the result of blending Chinese ingredients and wok cooking techniques with spices used by the Malay/Indonesian community. The food is characterized by tangy, aromatic, spicy and herbal tastes. Some of the authentic nonya concoctions include buah keluak and Ayam pongteh.

Nonya Kueh / kuih is the term coined for bite-sized food items (usually snacks) which are marked by their very sweet taste and presence of coconut which are the key ingredients used. Another distinct trait of nonya kueh is that banana leaves are normally used like your cupcake liners. The colourful kuehs laid out on the table attracted my attention and I must say they look good enough to be eaten immediately.

There was the colourful multi layered kueh, ondeh ondeh, Kueh serimuka, Bengka ubi and the list went on. It certainly did not help when the rest of the people kept egging on you to try this one and that one. It was a good thing that I had cut on my sugary intake over the years. In fact, I have my coffee or tea without sugar and I cannot eat stuff that is really sweet.

I reminded myself that I just had my lunch and anything extra now would translate into more calories intake and weight gain. Almost all the key ingredients used in preparation of the kueh included coconut which greatly enhanced the overall taste. Before I hit the target to shave off those extra belly fats, watching what I eat is part of the game plan.

Besides the sweet kuehs, there are the savory versions as well. There was this Rempah Udang which really looked tempting. The ingredients within the glutinous rice are fried dried shrimps with shallots and garlic with coconut shreds. The outer layer of rice was glazed by oil as I can see oil streaks on the rice. I have to admit that these are mouth watering, lip smacking delicious snacks just nice to go with my coffee but at this juncture, I am at the weight loss stage which means strict diet. I guess some of you may be wondering if you have to be so deprived of your favourite food in order to lose weight which may sound like a torture.

It is important to recognize that I am now at the weight loss stage which means a strict diet. I had shared previously some of the rules that I have to strictly adhere to. If I have reached my goal and in the maintenance stage, eating one or two pieces is perfectly fine. You may think that you really need to be disciplined to give all that delicious although calories laden snack a wide berth. This really depends on how committed you are. Which brings me to the next point whereby you always hear people say "its ok, just one or two pieces, start dieting tomorrow"? This is a familiar and convenient excuse where an extra 100 calories here and there adds up.

So what are you supposed to do then? Ditch your diet plans and join the rest in their feasting or cross your fingers that you can withstand the temptation to eat? You may want to check out a few pointers back at for a solution to help you work around the two extreme situation!

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