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Gucci 2010 Spring & Summer - New Bamboo Collection

I think everyone knows about Gucci handbags which is famous for its splendid design and high quality. Among so many kinds, Gucci bamboo bags are one of the most classic styles. In 2010, the New Bamboo by Gucci's design director, Frida Giannini comes up with a brand-new appearance. Giannini integrated the advanced technology into the traditional design, reinterpreting the classic style.

The original design of Gucci Bamboo handbag features precise lining, exquisite handiwork and small size. Crafted from pigskin, it is decorated by the twisted bamboo handles. This kind of handbag was firstly launched in 1947 and then became the wisdom classic for the craftsmen to settle the deficiency of resource. Its bamboo material comes from Japan, heated and twisted into semicircle as the handles of the relative leather bag. The novel design and unique fashionable style made it well received by people. In 1950s and 1960s, Gucci Bamboo handbags were the favorites of many world celebrities, making it one of the most popular handbags of Gucci collection.

Giannini reinterprets the classic style by new portrayal and fashionable aesthetics. Meanwhile, the new collection continues the producing excellence and extraordinary craftsmanship of the original style. Made of 140 parts, Gucci New Bamboo handbag is hand-sewed by the experienced craftsmen in Florence workshop. It requires at least 13 hours completing, which assures the perfection of each detail.

Besides the classic size, the new collection is added large size for diverse selection. The compartment interior continues the classic design of the original masterpiece, including a zip pocket, a toggle pocket as well as a mirror. The original sewing is replaced by the convex leather trimming in simplicity and fashion. Gucci firstly used nickel alloy to decorate this style of handbag, making it stylish and cool. The new collection retained the original leather shoulder strap and simultaneously comes with the metal chain decorated by bamboo and tassels, making it sexier.

Many kinds of materials are selected to make the new bamboo bag. The high techniques make them perfectly match the traditional luxury. Gucci Bamboo was originally selected the pigskin painted in gray color for production, which played a stone effect. The soft Cellarius cowhide leather was dyed magenta or orange color. All the leather versions were decorated by bamboo handles with encompassing leather. The New Bamboo is crafted from synthetic rubber processed by high technology with the surface embossed classic double G logo. Another style in ultimate luxury goes to the white or black boa leather making with the soft touching like synthetic rubber. The color of the handbag goes from bright to gloomy, then to bright again, which is also a changeable charm of Gucci classic handbags.

A series of unique styles like black crocodile, chocolate crocodile, blue or carmine crocodile, canvas with double G logo and bright Cellarius or crocodile trimming are available in Gucci's exclusive stores. The New Collection will be launched to the market at the end of January, 2010.