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Gucci Beige and Ebony GG Fabric Dog Bag With Brown Leather Trim

While most people are hunting for fashion handbags for various occasions during the Christmas shopping season, there are some people who are trying to find a suitable carryall for their petty puppy or kitty. A bag for a human could be a cozy house for your pet. This Gucci dog carrier would serve as a perfect choice. Why not make it a surprising Christmas gift for your little dog? Surely it would like it very much.

Just as most Gucci pet bags, this bag is crafted in beige and ebony GG fabric and is trimmed with high quality brown leather in the bottom part. The slouchy bag shape is pulled up together with green red and green signature web, which then extends up to be wearable handles with 9" drop. Your little dog would also like the colorful web, I guess.

This Gucci GG bag for pet not only looks good, but also works well as a shelter for your dog. It measures 16.4"long, 7.8"wide and 12.1"high so that the bag is roomy enough to carry your dog inside. The bag has a short leash with clip attached to interior and a removable and washable interior cushion as well. As the bag entirety, it is dry clean only. Featuring double zip side opening, it allows the pet to go inside and outside easily. How do you like this Gucci dog carrier? It is only available at a price of $995.00, which could be a little bit pricey for single carrier, but definitely not for a warm luxurious house for your dog. What's your opinion?