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How to Prolong the Life of Your Soccer Cleats

So you finally bought that pair of boots that you see the superstars wearing. You spent a month's allowance on something that you'll be abusing just to improve your game. So you definitely want to make the most out of your investment by prolonging the life span of your boots. But what to do?

Breaking In No, not burglar someone's house. Breaking them in means preparing your boots so that it'll fit nicely and comfortably for your first game. With leather boots, it's a good idea to soak it in lukewarm water. You can even wear it in the shower if you like. Then wear them during warm up sessions. Have a jog in them, or wear them during low-paced training sessions.

After the game

* Undo the laces and remove the boots as gently as you can without looking like a girl. If you are a girl, it's ok, you can take your time

* Knock off the loose dirt. Remove the remaining dirt with a brush or a damp cloth.

* Stuff them with newspapers. This helps to maintain the shape of the boot and absorb moisture inside.

* Allow them to dry naturally, but keep them out of direct sunlight. Direct heat causes the boots to become stiff and prone to cracks.

* Moisturize your leather (football) boots with leather food. This helps moisturize the leather, prolonging its life and ensures comfort

* Leather boots should also be polished. Not to get the shine (that'll be gone after 10 seconds on the pitch) but to prevent discoloration

* Grease the studs. It prevents dirt sticking to them and prevents rust on metal studs.