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Irregular Choice - Stunning Shoes

When you go shopping for shoes do you always buy the same kind which make you feel dreary just looking at them? Or are you looking for something electrifying and exciting and can never find them? Irregular Choice is one such brand which will surely shake you up. This brand is so imaginative in its design concepts that it will leave you absolutely stunned with their amazing collection.

Irregular Choice is comparatively a new brand but has become a global phenomenon in a short time. Started in 1999 by design entrepreneur Dan Sullivan, this brand has created a storm in the footwear market. They have been named 'The Lifestyle Choice of Fashion Footwear' by Super Mag and 'the purveyor of fresh, malicious and multi-coloured shoes' by WAD.

In the last ten years Irregular Choice has found a niche market for itself. It has worked with some of the worlds most sought after brands and designers to design these amazing shoes. They are persistently creative and try to bring out truly exciting designs with each collection. It has even been named 'the Viagra of the shoe industry', a true tongue-in-cheek remark.

Their designs are out of this world, and they are funky, wild, and vibrant. They make shoes that you have never seen before. They have a limitless range of shoes; they have everything from party shoes, to court shoes, to sandals, heels, flats, wedges, and boots. The best part of is that these shoes have matching accessories like handbags or clutch bags. So you can buy a gorgeous pair of shoes from them and also have a matching clutch to make you look really stylish and fashionable.

Their shoes have incorporated design elements like lace trimmings, rose buckles or raspberry-shaped buckles, decorative bows etc to name a few. In keeping with their design concepts, they have shoes in a large assortment of colours and designs. They have so many colours that you can have shoes that match the contemporary colour trends and match your dress to your shoes every day of the year. Funky prints, elaborate embellishments like bows, polka dots, buckles - these shoes really make you stand out in a crowd and make you the envy of all around you.

There is so much excitement created by this brand, it's because they always maintain their originality and distinctiveness in all their designs. Every season they come out with at least 500 new designs, and they are constantly innovating. They are also collaborating with other designers to make their brand absolutely outstanding and unique.

So if you really are looking for some funky, colourful shoes which are exceptional and alluring, Irregular Choice is the brand to buy.