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SEO Writing - How to Write Search Engine-Friendly Articles

I am writing this article to help those people who are trying to make money online in learning the ropes of SEO writing. This is one of the things that you need to learn as this is a great help in securing better page ranking for your website and in attracting more search engine traffic. Here's what you need to do:

Launch a keyword tracker and get a list of most popular keywords related to your products. This is the best way to start the process. Before you start writing, you must have a clear idea on the keywords that you're going to target so you can easily make well-informed decision when choosing the topics for your articles. As much as possible, target long tail keywords that are not overly competitive so you'll have better chances of getting your articles to appear on top of relevant listings.

Choose your topics. Base your topics on the keywords that you're targeting. For best results, I suggest that you create how-to or tips list type of articles as these are getting so much attention in the online arena. For example, if your targeting the phrase "designer sunglasses" you can write an article that contain tips on how interested parties can find designer sunglasses for half the price or how-to guide that can help them figure out the best sunglasses that will suit their lifestyle.

Pick the best titles. Keep in mind that your open rate will largely depend on the titles that you're using. If they're pretty impressive, you can expect a lot of people to notice your copies. Make your titles very powerful and catchy by simply telling your prospects the information that is in store for them in such a way that you can target their emotional hot buttons or pique their curiosity.

Write your articles. Forget about SEO and keywords when in the process of writing your articles. It's best if you focus first on addressing the learning needs of your readers and in showcasing your expertise in your niche. It's important to impress these people and to convince them that you're an authority in your field so you can easily earn their trust and respect.

Insert keywords. Start optimizing your articles by inserting the keywords that you're targeting on your titles, first and last paragraph, and a couple of times all throughout your article body. You can also use words that are closely related to your main keywords. This will help the search spiders in quickly analyzing the relevance of your article's content to the words and phrases that you're targeting.

Proofread your articles. End the process the old-fashioned way. Read your articles out loud and fix those sentences that do not sound right. Also, eliminate grammar and spelling errors as these will surely affect the reading experience of your prospects.