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So What Is The Big Deal With Blu-ray?

Blu-ray technology was developed for the purposes of recording, rewriting and the playback of high definition video (HD). It is possible to store a large capacity of data on the Blu-ray disc (5 times more than the traditional DVD), 25GB for a single layer and 50GB for a dual layer disc.

The large capacity together with the combined use of advanced video and audio codecs results in an unprecedented HD experience with Blu-ray. With the extra space, the Blu-ray disc also offers exciting interactive features and bonus content. The discs are also very dirt and scratch resistant.

The secret behind the Blu-ray technology is the laser which read and writes data to the disc, to bring you the ultimate in high definition. Current optical disc technologies, for example DVD, DVD-R and DVD-RW as well as DVD-RAM read and write data with a red laser. However, the Blu-ray uses a blue-violet laser, where it gets its name. So what is the main difference? The reason for the blue-violet laser is that it has a shorter wavelength compared to the red laser. The red laser is 650nm, while the blue-violet laser has a wavelength of 405nm. This makes it possible for the laser to focus with greater precision.

Blu-ray players are available from many popular producers, such as Sony, Samsung, Sharp, LG, Phillips, Pioneer and Panasonic. Besides these quality brands, the Playstation 3 gaming consol also has built in Blu-ray disc players. Also recently, a number of laptop brands have started to incorporate Blu-ray players as well and providing Blu-ray player add-ons for desktop computers.

For you to enjoy all of the benefits that Blu-ray technology has to offer, you will need a number of things. These are a HDTV and HDMI cables, to ensure that you get the best picture quality. On top of this of course, you will need Blu-ray discs and a Blu-ray player. It is still possible for you to play normal DVDs on a Blu-ray player, but note that you will only get the standard DVD's quality, and not the enhanced quality of a Blu-ray disc. Also, you are unable to play Blu-ray discs on anything other than on a Blu-ray player.

Blu-ray is the future of what home entertainment is becoming, and the industry expects that Blu-ray will eventually replace the DVD. Also, since Blu-ray's introduction to the world, it has continually advanced and there is no signs of any change.

Whether you wish to keep-up-to date with the latest industry trends or if you want the very best in home entertainment, the Blu-ray is for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Blu-ray technology set up now!