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The Best Snowboarding Locations in the World - Aspen Snowmass Co

The Snowboarding resort of Aspen has been one of the top destinations in the world for snowboarding enthusiasts and party seekers for many years and comes in the number one spot for many snowboard review sites. Aspen, Snowmass is highly acclaimed because of the diverse activities and facilities on offer. Snowmass has got a fantastic mountain along with an equally fantastic snow park so that snowboarders have a great range of ride options. The whole resort is a management and logistical challenge for the resorts owners but they have a lot of resources to keep every part of the Aspen resort in pristine condition. These new facilities include snow-making systems which helps get the riders on the mountain earlier.

The resort is full of riders, celebs and holiday makers each wanting their very own taste of the Aspen snowboarding lifestyle. Other aspects of the resort include a lively shopping environment which includes leading brands in snowboarding including Nike Snowboarding, Burton Snowboarding, and Bataleon Snowboarding. These brand shops include a range of snowboarding equipment to offer the visitors of Aspen.

Snowmass has one of the best free-riding environments on the planet; there is a mixture of terrains to test out your abilities and to explore. The area covers 3,132 acres and as the space is so vast it is not very populated, so you can enjoy the adventure without being obstructed. One of the best sections is 'The Wall', when this section has had a good covering then it is one of the best free rides in the world and encompasses tree glades and shelves.

The Aspen snow park has a selection of areas purpose-built for all levels of snowboarders. The Lowdown Park is for the novice snowboarder and has beginner level jumps and jibs; it also includes a 12ft half-pipe to practice tricks. Makaha Park is targeted towards the intermediate level snowboarder; this also includes a variety of jumps and jibs. The Snowmass Park is the largest and for the expert rider with a massive super-pipe located under the Coney Glade lift.

The village itself is renowned for offering some of wildest parties in the local bars and clubs. This is a major part of why Aspen has become so popular as once riders are finished on the slopes, they want to party. Many of the clubs and bars are open through the night so if you have the energy after a long day on the slopes, Aspen has an abundance of night life activities to keep you happy.