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Voice Loss or Voice Limitations: How Often Does That Happen? And

Being a Non-Surgical Voice Repair Specialist for over 35 years now, I have seen a lot of cases where the full or partial loss of voice took place. There were different people, just the ordinary want-to-be singers or speakers and some were definitely active professionals. There were different causes and different diagnoses, but what was in common was the misuse and overuse of the vocal anatomy in general. Mainly, that was happening due to the wrongful application of one's voice; speaking or singing. The conventional vocal coaching suggests to people who want to learn how to use their voices "correctly" to drop their jaws down, to bend their knees, and feel really grounded and use their vocal and other parts of their anatomy as much as possible. What do they accomplish by doing all of this? The limitation of the vocal range; used, abused and strained vocal cords; and the sound which is evidently crashing down and dying at the performer's feet. Not very pretty, huh?!

Moreover, I have met some skinny people who looked like they were 5-7 months pregnant, by sticking their stomach out, supposedly for the right breathing, they were simultaneously making their abdominal muscles weaker than they normally should be and thus acquired disproportionately looking big stomachs which made them look, minimum to say, pregnant. My term of comparison is that they looked like "pregnant ballerinas" to say the least.

Meanwhile, not on a music note (no pun intended), the whole fitness world is reciting about stronger and better looking abdominal muscles and definitely nice and flat tummies, which are very much in fashion at all times. Where, then, do the vocal coaches get an idea that they have to work against human anatomy and against any logic, drowning the voices down deep in the anatomy instead of helping their performers to release the pressure of the sound off of the anatomy and make it fly above and on top of the body, just like spirit (which in a matter of speaking, the voice is) will always fly away from the physical body and not along with it. Moreover, the voice is a unique instrument which every individual possesses. Once that voice is trapped inside of their anatomy, the whole so-called "performance" becomes very anatomic and not spiritual at all, not to mention that all human beings have the same anatomy, especially if they're the same gender, and the only difference then is the presence of gender specific organs. All the rest of the organs are absolutely the same for both genders. The voice flown off of the physical anatomy should be as unique as the finger prints of each and every individual. I know that any performers who I have produced over the years have had very unique tones and their voices could be recognized very easily, even if you don't know the song they might be singing.

"How would you achieve that?", you may ask. I have an answer for you, as I have found the mechanism which will allow your voice to work at its fullest capacity possible, yet with no pain or strain on your vocal anatomy. By utilizing this mechanism, you will be able to restructure your voice from the vocal box to the set of your facial muscles which will represent a natural resonator, or amplifier in this case, and then put those facial muscles to work in full conjunction and coordination with your abdominal muscles for the greater support of the sound and, thus, then minimize and practically eliminate the use of your throat, larynx and vocal cords.

However, if the voice was already damaged, to do just that might not be enough. Therefore, simultaneously with the proper instruction, I would administer natural herbs and remedies which will greatly aid to one's voice. Needless to say, those remedies will be obsolete unless the voice is released from the vocal box and the singer operates through the different channels and in the new found way.

This is also applicable for singers like Justin Bieber who, evidently, are going through puberty now and whose voices are drastically changing to become lower and manlier. In this instance, I could with absolute certainty say that using my revolutionary approach to voice mechanics, the puberty would not matter and male singers like Justin would be able to continue to enjoy their performances and go through puberty rather smoothly and without dramatic changes. In my opinion, Justin needs to learn the above addressed application of his voice and since his anatomy seems to be somewhat strained, which is natural for any singer when they're experiencing difficulties to push stronger, his vocal box has also to be carefully nurtured and thus simultaneously to be healed while he will be trying to reach the new heights.